A cookie is a small text file that is saved to, and, during subsequent visits, retrieved from your computer or mobile device. Cookies allow a website to recognise a user’s device and help your browser navigate through the website by allowing you to log in automatically or remembering settings you selected during earlier visits (among other functions).Many cookies are essential to the operation of our website, for example to allow you to make a purchase or create an account with us. Cookies on our site are also used to customise certain areas of content just for you, and to make your browsing experience more efficient and faster. If you would like to learn more about cookies in general you can visit


Cookie collect information about your online preference and help us to tailor our website to your interests. Information provided by cookies can help us to analyse your use of our site and help us to provide you with a good experience when you browse this website and allow you to make full use of the online shopping and personalised features available on this website.


Session cookiesWhich only stored for the duration of a browsing session and are deleted from your device when you close your browser.

Persistent cookiesWhich are saved on your device for a fixed period of time after the browser has closed and are activated each time you visit the website where the cookie was generated.

1. Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are essential for the running of our website. Without these cookies, parts of our website would not function. These cookies do not track where you have been on the internet and do not gather information about you that could be used for marketing purposes.

We use these cookies to enable certain online functionality including:

• Enable you to or make it easier for you to browse our Website, or to provide you with the online communication services you request while browsing;
• Adapt the presentation of our Website to your Terminal’s display preferences (language used, display resolution, operating system used, etc.) during your visits to our Website, according to the materials and viewing or reading software your Terminal supports;
• Remember the information on a form you completed on our Website (registration or access to your account) or on products, services, or information you selected on our Website (subscribed service, wish lists, etc.);
• Enable you to access the private and personal areas on our Website, such as your account, using the identifiers or data you may have entrusted to us previously;
• Implement security measures, for example when you are asked to reconnect to content or services after the page has timed out.
• Remember products you have placed in your shopping bag


2. Functional cookies

Functional cookies are used to remember your preferences on our website and to provide enhanced, more personal features. The information collected by these cookies is usually anonymised, so we cannot identify you personally. Functional cookies do not track your internet usage or gather information which could be used for selling advertising, but they do help with serving advertising.

• Remember the choice you have made on your previous visit (such as your preferred language or location)
• If you have added items to your wishlist and logged out of your browser session, these cookies will enable you to find your selected items again next time you visit the website within a reasonable timeframe.
• Eliminating the need for returning user to re-enter their login details.
• Remember products you have placed in your shopping bag;
• Commenting on our website.
• Offer you live chat session.

3. Performance and Analytics Cookies

Performance and Analytics cookies are used to monitor the performance of our website, for example, to determine the number of page views and the number of unique users a website has. Such analytics may be designed and operated by third parties. The information provided by these cookies allows us to analyse patters of user behavior and we use that information to enhance user experience or identity areas of the website which may require maintenance. The information is anonymous (it cannot be used to identify you and does not contain personal information such as your name and email address) it is only used for generate usage reports and statistical purposes. 

We use these cookies to measure users' behavior to better develop our website. By using web analytics services provided by e.g. Google Analytics, we can analyse which pages are viewed and how long for and which links are followed, and we can use this information to provide more content which is of interest.

4. Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies (or targeting cookies) collect information about the browsing habits associated with your device and are used to make advertising more relevant to you and your interests. They are also used by services provided by third parties on this Website, such as ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ buttons in addition to providing the requested functionality. Third parties provide these services in return for recognising that you (or more accurately your device has) have visited a certain website. These third parties put down advertising cookies both when you visit our Website and when you use their services and navigate away from our Website. 

For example, these are used to:

• determine how many users purchased products after clicking on advertisements

• display advertisements, including on other sites, that match users' demographic profiles or based on their specific interests

• display advertisements on other sites about the products viewed on the site

• avoid re-presenting advertisements that users have already seen

• Show you interest-based advertising following a visit on our Website;

• Provide third party advertising companies and social networks (such as Facebook or Twitter) information about your visit on our Website so that they can show you interest-based advertising;

• Control advertising effectiveness through tracking lead conversion (track that you have made a purchase after following a link to our Website from another third party website)


You can manage cookies through your web browser settings. If you decide to change your settings and disable cookies, you may not be able to take full advantage of all our Website features. For example, if you turn off strictly necessary cookies or refuse them, you will not be able to make purchase on the Website.

The links below take you to the ‘Help’ sections for each of the major browsers so that you can find out more about how to manage your cookies.

Internet Explorer en-us/help/17442/ windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies

Google Chrome accounts/answer/61416?hl=us




if you want to opt out from interest-based ads, you can manage your preferences by visiting the website link below-

You can opt out of targeted advertising by using the links below:

Facebook: settings/?tab=ads

Google: ads/anonymous

Bing: .com/en-us/resources/policies/personalized-ads

Additionally, you can opt out of some of these services by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out portal at:


If you have questions regarding our cookie policy, please contact us by e‑mail at or You can also write to us using the form by clicking here.